01. genesis
02. the seagull
03. head in the ceiling fan

The Wonder Years by sconevibes on Flickr.
I wanna say this: women are not sluts and women are not bitches. Women are your fucking mothers, your sisters, your friends. Treat them with the same respect you would treat anyone. Ladies, never let anyone demean you with that bullshit. I don’t care if it’s some asshole on the street or the singer of your favorite band. Tell him to fuck himself. You’re not a slut, you’re not a bitch, you’re a fucking woman.
- Dan “Soupy” Campbell, in response to Matty Mullins’ sexist comments towards women (via babyhongbin)

Warped Tour Dallas.

Apollonia Saintclair 511 - L’extatique (The ecstatic)
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